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February '16
missing candy fiend
girl planning [mailbox]
v true (jan 26)

January '16
the ice cream challenge (mailbox)
congratulatory ladies
girls day in (mailbox)
and now some actual ladies
resolution babes
tit for tat

December '15
tis some cutes
well that's different and almost NORMAL
plans for the sweets brigade (mailbox)
ikea woes
you and me, we could write a bad teaching regimen
Ibuki it's your birthday, it's your birthday Ibuki!

November '15
girls like to reassure girls
girl power
another survey
why do these two always have such misunderstandings
ok but even rahzel needs reassuring (mailbox)

October '15
drunken dokis happened (mailbox)
and now for something completely different
and so starts the shittalking
Rahzel meets her double
Trying to solve the spoopy mail
spoopy mail 3 (mailbox)
spoopy mail 2 (mailbox)
spoopy mail 1 (mailbox)
Rahzel is 'a pleasure to have in class'

September '15
and you think Killua has problems
Sisters and Pokes
Again, Rin?!
Tall Talks
Bothering Harold again
Event treats 4 (mailbox)
Event treats 3 (mailbox)
Survey shit
Brother and sister bonding (mailbox)
Event treats 2 (mailbox)
Event treats 1 (mailbox)
Nonon is on friendship shrooms
Delinquent Hisami
Gon doesn't hunt booty
Annoying the shit outta Nonon(mailbox)
Rahzel and Prez are embarrassing (mailbox( (31st)
Rahzel and Veronica team shenanigans (mailbox) (27th)

August '15
Stop the balls
Caught pink handed
Fashion and Tophs
Good luck, shouty
Picture perfect
Rin plz
@ the welcome party
Broody McBroodson
The Nonon of many talents
Shouty friend

July '15
Jakupinky, apparently
steamboat clusterdick
not always the easiest listening
welcome log
the bandit and the protag

June '15
flower power (28)
star power (26)
the bday girl has arrived!
pre-party prep
fathers be good to your daughters
the coconut haired girl and the witch
the new addition
stop being such a cutie pie you squeezie pie [mailbox]
Baldie landlords and Chocolat

May '15
The Event
what's with all these cats lately [mailbox]
Cat tales
A regular Banksy
gamagori please
do you believe in love after bears
we could all probably use some insurance here

April '15
rei and rahzel finally get to meet [mailbox]
the cutieteers strike again
lady with the legs, huh
bubble trouble toil and lumberjack
on the question of aliens
Fashion might get an improvement here
Rin the Ultimate
A talk about names [mailbox]

March '15
Boys will be....flower boys?
Let's pray Rahzel doesn't insist on bringing her soup during her break
Princess in rabu rabu [mailbox, backdated to the flower event]
Speed 2

February '15
Vday smooze [mailbox]
this turned into girl talk [mailbox]
stuco flower things
ultra high school girls
What a girl wants

January '15
The Cheese [mailbox]
thats p punny
Helping with fathers
Intro to Bear-kun
At the Ol' Wardrobe
About That Retirement

December '14
holy shit, a fucking post
announcing the boo 2 [mailbox]
announcing the boo [mailbox]
Caroling 4
Rahzel and Nonon do Not got to Whitecastle it's below them (in hell) [mailbox]
Caroling 3
Caroling 2
Dinner party with Lily and The Babes
schematics of catalog sales
Secret Santa Zura stuff [mailbox]
Mysterious Adventure w/Cocoa and Wanwan [mailbox]
Rahzel: Crocodile Dundee
How Not to Pitch a Tent

November '14
there are no dance dance revolution '00 jokes here
playdate suggestion [mailbox]
Le wedding
There's no place like the buffet table
Dat Veronica
Dat dance
Skeleton trouble

October '14
Sachiko in trouble (29th)
mission most awesome princess bday party: accepted [mailbox]
helpful spoopy discussions
wedding bells are ringing
Spoopy ball planning [mailbox]
Monster mash
sports boys
In memorium
The leaf forest of doom

September '14
Pumpkin spice season get (26th)
School log openerrrr
Let's shake it off, that new girl newness!!
She had one for that

August '14
Chiaki woes(30th)
School woes (30th)
Stargazing open
Flying lessons with the girls
Rain, rain go away come again another unfashionable day
Prez is a bowel [mailbox]
The Uninvited

July '14
Flower Power and flying girls [mailbox] (27th)
Nostalgia (27th)
holly white-chan (27th)
there isnt a racing anime is there?? (27th)
Housemates can kinda be the opposite of the bees knees
A prelude to magical girls
Guess who's back?
Not a cat burglar

June '14
dare 4
dare 3
dare 2
talks about daddy-os
dare 1
The goddamn birthday bash has finally arrived
Annnd the oranges have it! Something. Somehow.

May '14
And I tried, oh god did I try
She fucking Mad
Red VS Orange
Magical Ball shenanigans 4
Magical Ball shenanigans 3
Magical Ball shenanigans 2
Magical Ball shenanigans
Dress sleuthing and other girl things
Go back to troll school
4th Wall w/Stephanie
4th Wall w/Pu-chan
4th Wall w/Ryoga

April '14
Meet the parent
Little boy blue (who WILL be fabio some day god dammit)
Princess ball volunteering [mailbox]
Hope is where the heart is
Adventurous girls (and embarrassing boys)
Don't try this at home. Or anywhere.
Letting the other birthday girl in on the planning [mailbox]
The battle against malnutrition [mailbox]

March '14
Idol talk (march 31st)
It's not a date or anything [mailbox] (march 30th)
Bday Bash planning (march 27th)
yes there is belief in magic in a young girl's heart, whether shes magical or not
just checking the details [mailbox]
What is it with boys and their drinking, we aren't a frat house
A survey on kicking brothers' asses [mailbox]
More justice and rainy day apples keep the...something away, maybe the doc
A sisterly introduction [mailbox]
Rahzel, defender of your little sister's justice...esp if it means kicking your ass [mailbox]
I want some goddamn pizza
No one extraterrestrial is bursting out of anyone's stomach as babies no worries
A friend in need?????????

February '14
Nostalgia, perversion Stockholm Syndrome, an anniversary
Girltalk sure has gotten weird these days
Moth-...grandmother??? bonding
Love advice my ass [mailbox]
The Prince and Her Highness [mailbox]

January '14
Chinese New Year shenanigans
Event catch-all (catcha, catcha, catcha, caaaatcha, I don't wanna be diiirrrty though the bath jellies-)
LOL gamer qurl and the cavities (w/Chiaki)
Gay crisis???? (w/Ryoga)
This ain't the end of the world try not to look so disappointed
The ghosts, the girl, the brother- oh my
The best advice
These tales of ours
School ain't out for the winter
Princess meets heroine

December '13
He'd make a decent door to door salesman, maybe
Yea please don't turn into a wild man, man
Boys and their toys
Art school is calling someone's name
Sharing the burden [mailbox]
At least it's not a dick in a box???
The language of flowers and girls
Secret Santa-ee
Secret Santa-er
Ah yes other people's pain is distracting
Someone's in trouble
The presidentwannabewhatever and the vending machines [mailbox]
Girly day planning [mailbox]
Bootshorts and the windchill don't really date anymore
Rahzel asks the important questions

November '13
This is how Milky Way Disco Ball Twerk Eyes Whatever Kaito says thank you [mailbox]
The girls, girls, girls just wanna [Bday 2]
The Birthday Boy doesn't want a hair jell sponsorship ok [Bday 1]
10/10 fall would not recommend
The C cup princess and the Chibi princess
About as sneaky as a farting giraffe [mailbox]
The adventures of Rahzel-sama and Hole-kun
Married....with children...or rabid dogs, same diff
The megane percent
Something much BIGGER and BETTER than just ordinary chopsticks
Father/Daughter talks on Idiot Luigis [mailbox]
Ponytails and afros
Well the selfies and posing haven't happened yet but all in due time
Ryoga needs GPS asap
The Challenge

October '13
Nobody panic, the Princess has arrived. No autographs, please (The Ball)
Cutest siblings in the world, thank (The Ball)
Noiz and the Boning
Syo 2: The Tongue-ing
Check up 7 [mailbox]
Check up 6 [mailbox]
Check up 5 [mailbox]
Check up 4 [mailbox]
Check up 3 [mailbox]
Check up 2 [mailbox]
Check up [mailbox]
Let's get down to business
Muscle Babe and Rahzel-sama search for booty
Rahzel-tan and the school council wannabe president
Rainbows and cuties
Pancake date! [mailbox]
School reports really suck but with butts in football uniforms what can go wrong???

September '13
Hell hath no fury like an author/stalker/braid/megane/qt patoot scorned. And qurlfran plotting [mailbox]
Hi-tan is gross part 5: Baroqueheat v.s an entire beehive up his ass
Hi-tan is gross part 4: Medaka Edition
Hi-tan is gross part 3: You ain't nothing but a hound cute puppy dawg, Heine
Hi-tan is gross part 2: Veronica Edition
The one where Hi-tan's first official netwerk post is for the art of procuring nudes and the like
Poppi and daughter bonding [mailbox]
In which the friendzone is never a thing [mailbox]
Rahzel provides literally the greatest romance (??????????) advice of all time
Girls just wanna have fun (or just get out of this as painlessly as possible)
Setting the record Straight
Touko-chan and the Fuck Ya'll Suckers, You've Got School
School daze

August '13
When Chaiki met Rahzel
Mary Jane should have just kept to the shoe line
What the hell does lilly livered mean, anyway
Hope is as hope does
Lions and Tigers and Pu-chan, oh my!
Yeah wtf are all the pool boys?!
Hi-tan's in misery, only Rahzel beating him unconscious can comfort him! Masochist...
Narwhales and Nargles and Gnomes with weird asses, not one of my favorite things
Let's not get all Koh the face stealer, this face is too cute for that shit
Hi-tan and Rahzel-sama go to white castle. Sort of [Mailbox]
The directionally challenged leading the directionally challenged.
Men, even our forefather...countries, are wimps when it comes to the common cold.
Sealand, I.....

July '13
Enter: Syo's fucking long ass tongue (not actually entering any-...well, Byakuya-sama...-get out)
Let's get Deep
Assisted sales pitching, no you don't have a choice in the matter [Sticker Event]
Apparently no one can resist the ass [Sticker Event]
Can the party favors at the end not be thongs
Let's not go there with the balls jokes
A horse is a horse until it's a girl of course [Sticker event]
Tis the pizazzle season
This is not fanfiction, Rahzel
Family Bonding
Newlywed drama llama
Evil Boy Lawn Gnome Genius
Enter: The Afro Goddess
Rock ain't dead and neither are underwear troubles
Jojo's kawaii adventures w/tentacles
The Official Intro Post
The question of the hour
So hold on when you get lost- er when the buildings play hide and seek
Pressing matters at hand: Does HH have a moat????


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