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"You've hit up Rahzel! Too bad you can't bask in my glorious presence right now. I mean- sorry I can't come to the phone right now, I'm probably off saving the world from giant naked cannibals or shopping till I drop. Leave me a message and I'll get right back to you! Have a good day~!"

Rahzel Anadis
#1446 Holly Heights

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Am I making Rahzel into an adequate nuisance? Did she kiss away enough of your booboos? Do I need to tone her down a little, am I coming on too strong?
Well this is where you tell me!
I'll definitely take your tips to heart and do my best to get better.

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She said she wouldn't get out of hand. When the cops showed up she jumped off the 4ft high porch and fell into a ditch. She then buried herself because she was wearing light pants and though the light from the cops flashlights would reflect off her pants. We couldn't find her for 40 minutes.
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yeah im watching him make his speech now. cant take him seriously tho. hes talking about funding for education and all i can think about is how ive seen what he looks like wearing womens underwear...
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Please don't call my dad a fuckpuppet, I feel like that would be awkward to explain later.
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someone in the elevator just told me i looked like a struggle but i smell very pretty..
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your life is not complete until you watch a gaggle of murderous clowns dance to gangnam style.


also, what is the correct term for a shit ton of clowns?
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I think I fell in love with her when I saw her kick a freshman in the chest
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he told me to take care of him and then he asked me to walk him to his hotel. I already have a pussy. I don't need another one
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The only thing that got rode last night was the shit face train. I brought him home to see wht all the hype was about and he just started crying and puking in my bathroom.
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You don't understand!!! BACON ROSES!!! Why are you not more excited?!
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I woke up wearing my panties and an eyelash, soo I'd say your birthday was a success.
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Every time you visit for the weekend I end up having to bleach my entire house after.
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Your dick is going to fall off. Be careful or you'll get callouses. A workingman's dick.
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It's like wanting to be a vampire vs being a vampire. You don't know the cock lust until it's infected you.
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