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I'm Liz and I will be serving up this precious spunky princess to you on a golden platter- or I would if any of us could afford her wardrobe. If you need/want to reach me for plotting, questions, concerns, ect you can hit me up here at:
my Plurk: ooop there it is
My time zone is the EST but I'm up at really ungodly hours so there's a good chance I can be reached pretty quickly.



Definitely! To the point where you're probably going to have your foot down to end it

Threadhopping: Let me know first, so I don't get confused about the order, but yes!

4th Walling: In general since her canon is so obscere I doubt we'll run into that problem for her, and on the other hand Rahzel's cultural references are subtle. (Also, I have not to date seen a television set or computer in canon so it's safe tos ay you're safe) As in she won't recognize a character from something and blurt it out. But if you have concerns about her 4th walling, just let me know and she'll zip it!

Offensive Things: I'm more worried about offending anyone else, tbh. So no, we cool, dawg, most anything can be mentioned and I'm good.


Hugging: Yes! Rahzel's an incredibly affectionate person, so she'll most likely be slightly hands on with others as well.

Kissing: That's fine! Whether or not she'll accept the gesture as something innocent or perverted will depend, of course.

Flirting: Perfectly fine. She'll probably whip out her own dose of flirting as well.

Injuring:: Talk to me first.

Killing At this point in time I'll say no. But perhaps in the future we can speak about it?

Telepathy/Mind reading: Proceed at your own risk. Rahzel's past is a real sore spot, especially her father's abandonment of her family, so only if you'd really like to see her angry face would I recommend it. Which I wouldn't. As a young lady with a huge ego and sense of self, being violated like that will result in violence and distress, as it's already happened in canon. She dealt with it, sort of. By ignoring it.
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